Greenfield Road Improvements (Town of Gilbert)


One of Achen-Gardner’s biggest strengths is our ability to self-perform a project’s critical items of work. This allows our team to not only commit to and control our schedules but consistently deliver on quality.

We provide a variety of quality services - specializing in street improvements, underground wet utilities, grading & paving, concrete flatwork, concrete structures, and pipeline rehabilitation. 

Street Improvements

2411-Arizona-Avenue-290px-182px-13 The cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, and Mesa have entrusted us with their downtown revitalization projects and allowed us to showcase our ability to construct beautiful streetscape environments.

Underground Utilities

Achen-Gardner-23rd-Avenue-WWTP-290px-182px-3 We provide full installation of all wet utilities, including sewer lines, water lines and underground storm drains.

Grading and Paving

Achen-Gardner-Greenfield-Road-290px-182px-1 We utilize the best possible equipment and highly skilled crews to accurately complete all projects from subgrade to fine grade to the finished paved product.


Concrete Flatwork

Achen-Gardner-2365-Glendale-GO-290px-182px-3 We perform all scopes of concrete work including sidewalks, curb and gutter, catch basins, box culverts, retaining walls, and bridges. 


Pipeline Rehabilitation

2379-Mesa-SS-Southern-Ave-290px-182px-1 We are the industry preferred contractor for completing complex pipe rehabilitation projects due to our experience in the use of Polyester-Felt-Heat-Cured and UV-Cured type CIPP liners as well as various sliplining and bursting techniques. 

Concrete Structures

Achen-Gardner-Arizona-Falls-290px-182px In addition to typical transportation type concrete items (curb and gutter, sidewalk, etc.), we have completed award winning architectural concrete projects such as Arizona Falls Canal Bank Enhancement (pictured above).