University Drive and Mcallister avenue water and sewer improvements

Project Owner: City of Tempe
Project Type: Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Dates: GMP 1 - 08/05 to 01/06, GMP 2 - 02/06 to 08/06, GMP 3 - 09/06 to 06/07

GMP 1 construction included the bypass, removal and replacement of existing 27-inch sewer pipe with 480 LF of 30-inch and 2,800 LF of 36-inch VCP sewer in McAllister Avenue (University Drive to Apache Boulevard) and the new installation of 1,320 LF of 15-inch VCP sewer in Apache Boulevard west of Rural Road. GMP 2 and GMP 3 reconstructed 4,235 LF of 15-to-27-inch VCP sewer and 5,400 LF of 12-inch DIP water under University Drive from Mill Avenue to Rural Road.