Employee Benefits

Achen-Gardner Construction offers a variety of benefits designed to assist our employee-owners and their families with health matters and financial security. Our benefits are summarized below. Specific details, limitations and restrictions can be found in summary plan description booklets, master plan documents, and other correspondence that are provided upon eligibility to participate in these programs. For more complete information regarding any and all of our benefit programs, including information regarding HIPAA privacy rights and COBRA (continuing group health insurance coverage), please contact our Human Resources Manager. We reserve the right to change benefit programs and adjust employee premium contributions with or without advance notice.


At Achen-Gardner Construction, we realize the importance of affordable, quality health care. In keeping with this commitment, we continue to share a significant portion of premium costs with employees, and only offer plans through trusted and established insurance providers. For more information on our current health insurance plan, or to establish an individual log in, go to: www.uhc.com


Dental plans are offered to all employees as an optional benefit. Coverage includes reduced orthodontia fees for dependent children. Information regarding current dental, voluntary disability and voluntary life plans can be found at www.principal.com


All employees may elect vision coverage for themselves and their dependents. This coverage provides a free yearly eye exam and discounted rates on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. For information on these benefits, log on to www.avesis.com


We offer all employees the opportunity to participate in this exciting benefit program that allows you to pay for medical, dental, vision care, over-the-counter drugs, and other health-related supplies and services not covered by insurance. In addition, the plan covers daycare for a dependent child, disabled spouse, or dependent parent. Because you are able to use pre-tax dollars to pay for these benefits, overall taxable income is reduced and your take-home pay is increased! To establish a log in and have access to your account history, go to: www.hrpro.biz


This voluntary benefit is a salary continuation program that protects a portion of an employee’s pay while off work due to a disability. 


All employees are provided with a $20,000 basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) policy at no charge. Voluntary buy-up options are available, including spouse and dependent coverage.


401(k) savings/retirement accounts are managed by Lincoln Financial Group and offer employees the advantage to save for retirement on a before-tax basis.


Paid vacation is offered to all eligible employees after completing one year of service. Vacation can be used at the employee’s discretion.


Achen-Gardner Construction is a strong supporter of our troops serving in active military duty. Through joint contributions made on behalf of the company and fellow co-workers, we provide pay differentials and continued full health insurance benefits for employees and their families. We also regularly send care packages to employees serving overseas for added support and encouragement.