Bethany home road realignment

Project Owner: City of Glendale
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Dates: 10/06 to 01/08

This project included the installation of a 108-inch storm drain pipe from 81st Avenue to 79th Avenue, a pedestrian path from 81st Avenue serving as an underpass to meet existing trails on the other side, and a 24-inch water line installation at the pedestrian underpass. Additionally, Achen-Gardner realigned the existing Bethany Home Road, west of 81st Avenue, so that it curves slightly to the south, crossing over the canal, and intersecting 83rd Avenue, approximately 500 feet south of the existing 83rd Avenue intersection and in crossing over the canal AGE also constructed a bridge. The bridge has a pre-cast concrete girder deck with drilled shaft abutments and retaining walls with deck to be PCCP & AC pavement.