Zone 4 Water Transmission Main 

Project Owner: City of Glendale
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Dates: 06/07 to 11/07

This project consisted of the installation of approximately four miles of a new water transmission main and distribution main along major and minor arterial streets (83rd Avenue from Glendale Avenue to Orangewood Avenue and Orangewood Avenue from 67th Avenue to 83rd Avenue). Improvements included 7,880 LF of 30-inch, 2,530 LF of 24-inch, and 2,580 LF of 20-inch water transmission main as well as 8,820 LF of 12-inch, 330 LF of 8-inch, and 460 LF of 6-inch DIP water distribution main. Scope also included fire hydrants, butterfly valves with actuator manholes, and 210 LF of 48-inch jack and bored casing under the intersection of 75th Avenue and Orangewood Avenue. The work included major and minor arterial streets and had a direct impact on two public elementary schools located on Orangewood Avenue.