Power Road Improvements 

Project Owner: Maricopa County Department of Transportation
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Dates: 09/07 to 11/08

Work consisted of widening Power Road (Baseline Road to the RWCD Canal crossing south of Guadalupe Road) and Baseline Road (Kiowa Avenue to Roslyn Place) in Mesa, Arizona. Major elements of work included the widening of the existing bridges on Power Road over the RWCD Canal and EMF Drainage Channel, widening of the existing bridge on Guadalupe Road over the EMF Drainage Channel, concrete box culvert extension for the RWCD Canal crossing of Guadalupe Road, drilled shaft retaining walls adjacent to Power Road and Guadalupe Road at the EMF Drainage Channel, approximately 27,000 square meters of subgrade and aggregate base course, asphaltic concrete pavements (approximately 5,500 metric tons), asphalt rubber overlay (approximately 5,400 metric tons), approximately 7,000 meters of concrete curbs, approximately 3,400 square meters of sidewalks, bus shelter installations, electrical lighting and traffic signal installations, approximately 1,900 meters of storm drain pipe installations (ranging from 450mm to 1200mm), sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation, and landscape planting and irrigation systems.