Wet Utility Improvements

Project Owner: City of Goodyear
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 11/17 to 10/18

This job order contract was for wet utility infrastructure improvements and repairs throughout the City of Goodyear.

Job Order #1: The El Cidro Raw Water Line project included the installation of a raw water line ahead of the development of El Cidro Drive from 175th Lane to 173rd Avenue. Total quantities included 5,239 LF of 12" DIP, 60 LF of 20" DIP, two 12" gate valves, and 10,998 LF of 2” conduit for future fiber. We also completed a jack and bore under the existing RID canal to install 50 LF of 12” water line with a 30” casing.

Job Order #2: The Wells Fargo Lift Station Force Main and Litchfield Road Sewer Repair project included the installation of 1,185 LF of 6” HDPE sewer force main which was horizontal directional drilled on Central Avenue from the Wells Fargo Lift Station to Calle Adobe Lane. We also installed 313 LF of 8” PVC sewer from the manhole at Calle Adobe Lane west to Auto Drive and 183 LF of 15” VCP sewer across Litchfield Road south of Goodyear Parkway. This job order also included the installation of three manholes and approximately 275 SY of asphalt replacement.