Water Utility Pipeline and Infrastructure  

Project Owner: City of Buckeye
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 08/14 to 08/19

This wet infrastructure JOC includes water, sewer, reclaimed water, and storm drain pipeline construction.

JO#1: Achen-Gardner installed 8,860 LF of 16” waterline, 8 each 16” valves, 9 fire hydrants, and three 36” jack & bores across State Route 85, an APS waterline, and the Buckeye Water Conservation and Drainage District Canal. The waterline alignment is along MC 85 Highway between SR 85 and Turner Road.

JO#2: Achen-Gardner installed 18,746 LF of 16” DIPand 143 LF of 6” DIP on Southern Avenue from Watson Road to Rainbow Road and on Rainbow Road from Southern Avenue to Lower Buckeye Road. The scope also included a PRV station with shade canopy, 29 gate valves, 12 fire hydrants, Roosevelt Irrigation District ditch relocation, and a box culvert extension.

JO#3: Achen-Gardner assisted with vendor evaluation, equipment selection, design finalization, and the removal and replacement of a failed influent mechanical bar screen at the City of Buckeye’s Central Water Reclamation Facility.