2016-17 Irrigation Facilities Construction

Project Owner: Roosevelt Irrigation District
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 06/16 to 06/17

This JOC included:
• General site construction – clearing, grubbing, grading, trenching, compaction, backfilling, and fencing.
• Excavating, grading constructing, and installing concrete lined canals, earthen ditches, and irrigation pipe.
• Constructing and installing concrete structures – manholes, headwalls and control structures.
• Constructing and surfacing roads, streets, and operation and maintenance access roads.
• Drilling, casing, and developing wells.
• Supplying and installing electrical/mechanical equipment.
• Utility relocation.
• Construction survey and as-built survey.

Job Order #1 - Jackrabbit Trail and Yuma Road Facilities Relocation: Achen-Gardner Construction coordinated with the Roosevelt Irrigation District to install 288 LF of 24” RGRCP and 168 LF of 34" x 53" elliptical pipe. We also built four irrigation headwall structures, constructed 137 feet of concrete canal (hand place canal lining), and paved 130 SY on Jackrabbit Trail and Yuma Road. All of this work was completed within a two-week dry up.