Right-Of-Way On-call water main replacement

Project Owner: City of Phoenix
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 12/16 to 12/21

This job order contract involves the replacement of water mains and valves citywide on an on-call basis. 

Job Order #1 (Warehouse District Improvements): This project included the installation of approximately 74 linear feet (LF) of 6” ductile iron pipe (DIP), 1,706 linear feet of 8” DIP, 844 linear feet of 12” DIP, multiple valves and tapping sleeves, 21 water service connections, 7,500 square yards of slurry seal, 1,436 square yards of asphalt pavement, and other miscellaneous work. The project also included one 24" jack and bore (130 LF) underneath the railroad tracks at 2nd Street south of Jackson Street. All work was located within the Warehouse District of Phoenix.

Job Order #2 (Small Valve Replacement): This project involves the replacement of several groups of small diameter (2-inch to 12-inch) valves at various locations throughout the city. The 10 valves included in the first group of the project are located in mostly residential areas.

Job Order #3 (Roosevelt Street Water Line): This project involves the installation of more than 2,300 LF of water line (8" and 12") on Roosevelt Street from 1st Avenue to 7th Avenue. Work also includes the installation of 22 valves, two fire hydrants, 25 water service connections, and more than 2,000 SY of pavement replacement.