Val Vista Transmission Main rehabilitation

Project Owner: City of Phoenix
Project Type: Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Dates: 10/17 to 02/18

GMP 1 includes the rehabilitation of approximately 3,109 LF of 96" transmission main using a welded steel liner. Work will be done in three different access portal (pit) locations in the City of Mesa. The scope of work for rehabilitation includes the following:

  • Dewatering of the existing transmission main.
  • Excavation and backfill of access portals.
  • Demolition and removal of the existing PCCP transmission main at access portals.
  • Installation of new welded steel liner inside the existing PCCP transmission main.
  • Grout annular space between the inside of the existing transmission main and the outside of the newly installed welded steel liner.
  • Cement mortar lining the interior of the newly installed welded steel liner.
  • Installation of closure piping at the access portal locations.
  • Fill, flush, test, and disinfect the previously dewatered section of transmission main.