Master service agreement

Project Owner: EPCOR Water
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 02/17 to 01/22

This project includes more than 65 job orders to replace or install valves, water lines, and services in various locations.

Achen-Gardner has responded to 20 emergency water line repairs (2” to 12”) totaling approximately 200 LF of pipe. In each case our crews were on-site with supervision and labor within one hour. Each break was secured and the pipeline was repaired within 8 hours. Pavement and landscaping were restored where needed. We also completed four small diameter water line repair job orders in congested business and residential areas. Achen-Gardner removed and replaced three broken valves (6” each) in three different locations. In each case, we met on-site with EPCOR's Field Superintendent to a develop the scope of work, pricing, and schedule for repair. We coordinated shutdowns with residents/owners to minimize impacts. Each valve was replaced in less than 8 hours. We also installed 38 new services in a residential area. The existing services were abandoned in place and new services (3/4” to 2”) totaling approximately 800 LF were established with minimal shutdowns. 

We are currently working on the Mockingbird Lane Water Line project, which consists of the installation of a new water line on Mockingbird Lane from Lincoln Drive to Cactus Wren in Paradise Valley. This work is being done to upgrade the water facilities in advance of the new roadway improvements to support the Ritz Carlton development. Coordination with EPCOR Water and the Town of Paradise Valley allowed us to utilize our JOC to expedite this work. Total quantities include 857 LF of 12” DIP, 231 LF of 6” DIP, six 6” gate valves, four 12” gate valves, 89 SY of asphalt paving, and 334 SF of sidewalk.