Project Owner: Town of Queen Creek
Project Type: Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Dates: 01/18 to 07/18

This project included roadway improvements on Hunt Highway for approximately 2,300 LF south of Empire Boulevard and on Empire Boulevard for approximately 1,400 LF east of Hunt Highway in support of the new Earnhardt Dodge development and associated parcels on the southeast corner of Hunt Highway and Empire Boulevard. The improvements include a new six-barrel box culvert crossing of Sonoqui Wash on Empire Boulevard, 1,558 LF of storm drain and a stormceptor, 5,623 LF of 6” to 12” C-909 PVC and DR11 HDPE water line, directional bore to place water line under the existing box culvert in the intersection, 2,680 LF of 8” and 12” SDR 35 PVC sewer, 401 LF of 12” DR11 HDPE sewer, 12 polymer sewer manholes, roadway widening, decel lanes, 6,025 LF of curb/gutter, 10,910 SF of sidewalk, decorative brick pavers, newly signalized intersections at Ellsworth Avenue and the entrance to San Tan Flat, street lighting, SRP joint-use trench and conduit, ITS infrastructure, signing and striping, landscaping and irrigation.

3617101 Hunt Highway20.jpg