Twin Peaks-Blue Bonnet Road Gravity Sewer

Project Owner: Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (PCRWRD)
Project Type: Design-Build
Construction Dates: 09/18 to 12/19

This multi-phased project will install a gravity sewer line near the Twin Peaks Road/Blue Bonnet Road alignment in order to connect future developments to the gravity sewer system. The line will extend north to the PCRWRD Tangerine Pump Station. Significant coordination with PCRWRD, private developers, and stakeholders is required, and the project follows a strict schedule in order to facilitate the construction of planned developments.

This project is divided into three segments:

  • Segment 1 extends from the Tangerine Road Pump Station south to the intersection of Blue Bonnet and Twin Peaks Road. Quantities include 23 manholes (5-foot diameter) and 10,000 LF of 15” sewer, 200 LF of which will be jacked and bored under Twin Peaks Road.

  • Segment 2 extends from the Blue Bonnet and Twin Peaks Road intersection to approximately 200 feet south of the Linda Vista and Hartman Lane intersection. Quantities include 7,181 LF of 15” sewer, 12 concrete manholes, and one polymer junction manhole.

  • Segment 3 extends from the end of Segment 2 to just south of the Cortaro Farms and Hartman Lane intersection. Quantities include 8,000 LF of 15” sewer and 22 manholes (5-foot diameter).

Segment 2 was completed in Fall 2018. Segments 1 and 3 are currently under construction.

3645100 Twin Peaks-Blue Bonnet17.jpg
3645100 Twin Peaks-Blue Bonnet54.jpg