Price Road Utility Relocations

Project Owner: City of Chandler
Project Type: Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Dates: 05/18 to 09/18

Achen-Gardner is relocating wet utilities owned by the City of Chandler in Price Road from Spectrum Drive to Willis Road and on Willis Road from Price Road west to the City Limits. The utility relocations will support the installation of multiple underground electrical duct banks to be designed and built by Salt River Project. The wet utilities to be relocated include:

  • 1,541 LF of existing 12-inch gravity sewer pipelines
  • 1,530 LF of 4-inch to 12-inch reclaimed water pipelines
  • 1,185 LF of 6-inch to 12-inch potable water pipelines
  • 10 total 5-foot diameter sewer manholes

The 12-inch gravity sewer pipeline will be rerouted and discharge into an existing 66-inch gravity sewer manhole. In Price Road, an existing 16-inch force main will be abandoned in place. Other wet utilities placed out of service will be abandoned in place. Minor roadway improvements impacted by wet and dry utility relocation are also included in the scope.

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