Wet Utility Improvements

Project Owner: Town of Paradise Valley
Project Type: Job Order Contracting
Construction Dates: 02/19 to 04/20

This job order contract is for water and sewer infrastructure improvements and repairs throughout the Town of Paradise Valley.

Job Order #1, 47th Street Sewer Repair: This project consisted of the removal and replacement 32 LF of 6" sewer pipe and raised one manhole to grade. Also included in the scope was a post-repair CCTV inspection and the replacement of approximately 14 SY of asphalt.

Job Order #2, Royal Palm Sewer Repair: This project consisted of the removal and repair of 20 LF of 8" sewer pipe that was located in the front yard of a private residence. We excavated the area with a vactor truck to minimize the impact on the surrounding area and to avoid conflicts with private utilities. Upon completion of the repair we worked with the affected homeowner and the homeowner's landscaper to restore the landscape.

Job Order #3, Mummy Mountain Sewer Rehabilitation: This project included the rehabilitation and repair of 3,270 LF of 8” DIP and VCP sewer lines on various streets (Glen Drive, Cheney Drive, and Hummingbird Lane) around Mummy Mountain. Achen-Gardner self-performed the UV CIPP installation using Reline America’s Alphaliner. Other elements of the project included bypass pumping, reinstatement of 27 laterals, and public stakeholder coordination and notifications.