Project Owner: City of Tempe
Project Type: Construction Manager At Risk
Construction Dates: 08/19 to 02/20

This multi-phased (two GMPs) project includes construction of new sewer lines to address an over-capacity situation and to provide reserve capacity for future needs. Total quantities include the installation of more than 5,900 LF of sewer line (3,334 LF of 24”, 360 LF of 18”, and 2,246 LF of 12”), 19 manholes, 217 LF of curb and gutter, 300 LF of single curb 770 SF of valley gutter, 300 SF of sidewalk, and 9,553 SY of pave/patch. This project also includes bypass operations.

The improvements are divided into three segments: 23rd Street from Priest Drive to Hardy Drive, Hardy Drive from 23rd Street to Broadway Road, and 21st Street from Hardy Drive to Wilson Street. This regional upgrade will accommodate the United Dairymen of Arizona facility operations. We are coordinating with them and working at night to ensure that their delivery transport and production operations continue uninterrupted. The depth of the excavation and soil conditions require unique shoring to maintain safety and productivity.