Project Owner: EPCOR Water
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Dates: 08/19 to 08/20

This project includes the installation of approximately 35,000 LF of PVC gravity sewer main (15” to 30”) and 73 manholes adjacent to Luke Air Force Base and the Loop 303. The installation requires excavations up to 30 feet in depth. The sewer main will be installed underneath Northern Parkway, a drainage culvert, and a railroad spur, all of which will require boring and a steel casing. The project includes three bores to carry the sewer pipe for a total of 430 LF of steel casings ranging from 42” to 54”. Coordination is required with area farmers to ensure that their irrigation services continue undisturbed while the project progresses: this scope includes bypass, removal/replacement, and protection in place of existing irrigation facilities. The project also includes the removal/replacement of approximately 11,000 SY of asphalt.